At the center of the hotel lobby, a selection of uncommon and exclusive products chosen by Sophie Techoueyres are displayed. A concept-store made of many surprises, memories and shared discoveries ; eclectic items that work well together, clothing, accessories, objects or cosmetics.

Flowers for Zoe, Magdalena K, Delpin, Andrea Cardone, Gigi Clozeau, March, Reiko, Mac Keene, Ipanema with Starck, Calarena, Sweet Pants, Rose carmine, Harris Wharf London, Vannina Vesperini, Lumi, Hale Bob, Imaï, Indress, Izipizi, Gili’s, Des Pots, Louise Carmen, Melissa Odabash, Carioca, Les Garçons faciles, Magestic Filatures, Wallace#sewell, Anonym, Balmuir, My bob, Todd Duncan, By Lena-k, Rivieras, True Royal, Absolut Cashmere, Chive, Le Voyage en Panier, Sacrécoeur, Guila, La Californienne, Aname, Missoni, Rice, Melissa, Happy Few, Triangle des Bermudes, Ma Petite Plage, Cocktail Avangarde Spirits, Unbreakable evolution, Emma Vives, Lundi Paris, LADC, Marie Beldi, OOF, Bagutta, Irie Wash, Lund London, Jeff, Hbt, Happy, Stimury, Loetma, Maria La Rosa, Espace Monochrome, Royal Mer.

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