Ara Starck

« The stained-glass windows are by definition bound to the impalpable, and are constantly changing. They come to life by the light that runs through them and transform hour by hour, day to night. This is one of the most poetic techniques. Stained-glass windows have a story, lives, with hidden faces. The elements appear and disappear. I like to think that it’s the echo of the tides making appear or disappear the sandbanks of the Arcachon Bay. » Ara Starck

In the style of an art gallery, the Hotel Ha(a)ïtza’s reception area opens out over one large standing, illuminated by the colored windows created by the designer, an organic and moving masterpiece only existing by the immateriality of light.

After attending the highest art schools, at first in France, then in London and ending in New York… Ara is on all fronts. As a plastic artist, a painter, but also a musician, with THE TWO group, she is just like her unclassifiable and multidisciplinary father … Such is the state of mind of Ara, cultivating the art of twisting the limits, which will lead her to work with non-standard supports.