Philippe Starck

« Ha(a)ïtza is not a recent anecdote in the Southwest nor in the Arcachon Bay. It’s neither cute or charming, but chic and cosmopolitan. Everything there is ‘artistic’. Ha(a)ïtza evoques the idea of something, of an imaginary place that has always been there, emancipated from all materiality. » Ph.S

The question did not arise : for William and Sophie Techoueyres, after they renovated La Co(o)rniche, a new collaboration with the designer was more than evidently obvious.

Discovering an object or a place designed by Philipe Starck means entering a world of intense imagination, fertile surprises and phantasmagoria. For more than 30 years, this unsusual and polymorphous creator, designer and architect, outside the conventions, has always been present in our daily life, creating objects « well » before thinking about the esthetics, and iconic destinations that take members of its « cultural tribe » elsewhere, outside themselves, and above all, to the best.

Via his « democratic design » concept, increasing the quality of objects to lower prices in order to supply the best to a greater number, Starck has emerged as a pioneer when design was intended exclusively for an elite. Few areas have not been explored by the creator : from furniture for private homes to catalogue orders, from motorcycles to mega yachts, and even the artistic management of projects for space travels… among others.

Starck’s ecological convictions were obvious way before it became popular in respect of our planet. He soon created the Good Goods catalog, the catalog of non-products for the non-consumers of the future moral market, his own organic food company, and more recently he is developing the revolutionary concept of « democratic ecology », by creating personal wind turbines at affordable prices, which will lead to solar boats, hydrogen vehicles…